My passion for natural living began around the time I was pregnant with my son. I really started to learn more about what I was putting in my body and products I was using. I really started researching ingredients in our food, body products, household products, etc. I’m pretty sure I was super annoying to my sisters as I would make comments like, “That has artificial colors–don’t feed it to your kids!” (Yeah, I was that person–I’ve really tried not to do that anymore). But as I made my way through this natural living journey, I wasn’t 100% sold on using aromatherapy and essential oils as a supplement to overall health and wellness. I just kept thinking, “But do they REALLY work?” And then my son got sick. A lot. Like more than most kids. And one winter after three weeks of the worst sickness he’s had, I was desperate and decided to jump in using essential oils because even if it was a placebo effect, I didn’t care–I would have tried anything at that point.

Thus began my obsession with learning everything I could about the oils–how they work, the science behind it, how to use them for different circumstances. I am a researcher by nature–if I don’t know about a subject, I make it my mission to read anything and everything about it. As people started coming to me with questions about essential oils and how they work, the choice to make it official and become a certified aromatherapist was natural for me. Now, I want to share that knowledge with you. I’ve done the hard part. I’ve received the education, I’ve done the research, and my only goal is to share it with you. So I’m asking you to take advantage of me! I just want to make learning about essential oils as easy as possible for you.